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Andersonville Prison ► Andersonville Prison and POW Archive - Apr 26, 2015 .. This site is a searchable archival directory of 35,055 names of POWs held in the American Civil War Confederate POW camp known as Andersonville by Union internees. This data includes units, regiments, dates of capture and release, deaths, and many other personal details about the POWs held in the camp which opened in February 1864. Our archive is extensive, although it is by no means complete or comprehensive. For example, some information might have been corrupted or lost over time and stages of data conversion.

► About Andersonville Prison - Officially known as Camp Sumter, the Andersonville National Historic Site, located near Andersonville, Georgia, preserves the camp and houses a museum and visitor center as well as a National cemetary. Of the approximately 45,000 Union prisoners held at the camp during the war, nearly 13,000 died due to starvation, malnutrition, diarrhea and other communicable diseases.

► Sources and Foundation Data - As a foundation for our data we have relied on resources available through U.S. government archives and other public resources such as NARA and the U.S. Parks Department.

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